Dance Company

Webb’s dance company explores dance as a performing art through observation and practice. From contemporary to modern and creative to technical, students study how movement informs their human experience.

Classes typically begin with a warm up, lead into across-the-floor progressions and culminate in a center-floor combination. With a range of activities from silly and fun to contemplative and serious, students explore how dance can encourage confidence and self-expression through movement.

The Winter Dance program is an incredible opportunity for students to take a risk in their creative endeavors and to push the limits of self-expression through movement. The program builds off the work of the fall and is co-choreographed by the instructor and the students.

Performance and Choreography

Webb’s dance program combines performance and choreography – instruction and practice in the kinesthetic, visual and creative aspects of dance. In afternoon classes and workshops with visiting dancers and choreographers, dance students learn the principles of dance related to body, effort, shape, space, relationships and performance, and apply these principles through exercises exploring dynamic range, musicality and risk taking.

Watch the full performance Centum - Winter 2022 Performance

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